Colorado River Heritage Center
At Bullhead City Community Park

Promoting the region's rich culture and heritage...

The Colorado River Heritage Center at Bullhead City Park is the culmination of a dream of Golden Vertex's CEO/President Dick Whittington, and his wife Gillian.  Their vision, to create one central location where school children, residents and visitors may come together to learn of the region's rich heritage and culture, was launched with a partnership with the City of Bullhead City.

PHASE ONE was completed in 2013 with the donation of the historic Moss Mine Head Frame.  Golden Vertex, the company that is reactivating the Moss Gold Mine just outside of Bullhead City, donated the head frame and the cost to dismantle, transport and re-build the local icon in Community Park.  

PHASE TWO - the relocation of the "Lil' Red Schoolhouse" then commenced with the formation of a "Heritage Center Task Force" volunteers then began fund raising to achieve the Relocation of the Lil Red Schoolhouse. Over the next two and a half years, this group raised approximately $156,000 necessary to accomplish the goal.  The Lil Red Schoolhouse was re-opened on September 26, 2015 in its new location in the Heritage Center.

And the work continues..

Phase Three planning is underway for the "Relocation of the Colorado River Museum".

Golden Vertex remains an integral member of the community led Task Force, a group that meets on a regular basis to work on further development of the Colorado River Heritage Center.  If you'd like to be a part of this historic group, please contact Lisa McCabe at 

Donations are gratefully accepted and should be made payable to the Colorado River Historical Society.

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Special Events:

November, 2016:
2nd Annual Heritage Days Celebration in Community Park

December 8, 2016:
Holidays at the Heritage Center